PVC screw-in spirals

PVC screw-in spiral

PVC screw-in spirals

Our offer includes PVC screw-in spirals with diameters from 6mm to 50mm.

They allow the housing of blocks up to 46mm thick. Spirals are prepared in sections with a length of 297mm, but on request we can make a different length.

This product is used in the production of price lists, catalogues, atlases and other publications particularly vulnerable to crushing and other damage. The PVC spiral does not bend, but only flattens and then returns to its shape.

Available colors:

Color Color Name RAL Color Pantone Color
white/white 9003
black/black 9017
transparent/ banner
blue/blue 5005 661C
red/red 3001 186C
yellow/yellowe 1016 809C
green/green 355C

Device for housing with screw-in spiral, PVC

The device is used for manual perforation of material (4:1 stroke), round holes with a diameter of 6mm

5 knives off

Maximum format 305mm

Spiral diameter from 6mm to 30mm

Screwing in spirals with an electrically driven roller, actuating with a foot pedal