Zip-wire spirals, calendar hangers, wire on spools


Our offer includes zip-wire spirals delivered in the form of:

  • wire formed and rolled on spools
  • wire, cut into 297mm sections
  • wire formed, cut into any section

In the table below we present the available spiral colours

Color Color Name RAL Color Pantone Color
white/white 9003
black/black 9005
silver metallic/silver galvanized wire galvanized wire
grey/grey 7005 430C
cyan/light blue 5015 2174C
blue/blue 5005 661C
yellow/yellowe 1016 101C
orange/orange 2010 7578C
red/red 3031 (new shade) 187C (new shade)
pink/pink 3015 203C
green light/light green 6032 348C
green dark/dark green 6005 343C
gold/gold 1036 874C
brown/ brown 8016 7596C


wirezip spool

Wire-zip in spool

wirezip spiral

Wire-zip into sections


blue wirezip            brown wirezip           red wirezip              copper wirezip

dark blue wirezip   orange wirezip        pink wirezip              grey wirezip

yellowe wirezip

dark green wirezip  light green wirezip  gold wirezip        yellowe wirezip





The offer of wire spirals is complemented by calendar hangers produced in the form of:

• standard shape used for wall calendars,
• euro type shape ideal for shop shelves,
• straight stick used in binding machines that form the hanger while binding,
• type H hangers to be used with the Zip-Wire in the diamater of 3/8″

Standard and euro hangers are packaged 100pc each for faster mounting in vending machine feeders and semi-automatic binding machines.

Calendar hangers are produced in spiral colours.

Their shape meets the requirements of all global manufacturers of automatic machines for wire spiral binding.



euro calendar hanger

calendar hanger


We have on sale coated wire with a diameter from 0.7mm to 1.5mm for making binding with a metal spiral, screw-in. It is available in colours according to the table above.