Calendar production machines

Calendar production machines

We present devices used for framing posters in metal strips, for spiraling, perforating before spiraling.

We also offer high-performance machines for cutting wire spirals as well as for spiraling notebooks, blocks.









Calendar strip crimping machine 700mm 1000mm

The machine is designed for clamping slats (with or without pendant)

poster calendars and posters.

Designed to work with slats up to max. length of 700 or 1000 mm;

It is a professional device specifically designed to perform this

type of housings. It is characterized by reliability and high durability. Works

very quiet, it is easy to use.

The device is equipped with a unique and patented photocell system to protect the operator from an accident during operation.

The device is CE certified.

The machine does not have its own compressor

Technical data:

Drive: pneumatic

Air consumption: 1.5 m3/h

Power pressure: 4-10 MPa

Capacity: 150-250 ark/h

Service: 1 person

Zip-Wire locking spiral housing machine



Zip-Wire locking spiral clamp, working length 700 mm. It is a zip-wire clamping device with a maximum working length of 700 mm. The size of the crimped spirals ranges from 3/16″ to 1.25″.

The machine is switched on by a manual switch. When closing the spiral, the operator must hold the work with one hand and start the housing with the other hand. Thus, it is not possible to place the hand under the spiral clamping beam.

The device is characterized by quiet operation, reliability and simplicity of operation.
The device does not have its own compressor.

specifications, model 700
working length 700 mm
diameter of the lockable spiral 3/16″ ….. 1,25″
Drive Pneumatic
air consumption ~0.5 m3/h
power pressure 4-10 MPa
Performance 100-500 pcs/h
Support 1 person
Width 450 mm
Length 720 mm
Height 360 mm
Weight 67 kg


Electric crimping machine for wirezip spirals,



The machine is designed to perform perforation of paper, cardboard, thin PVC film. The maximum perforation length is 700 mm. The perforation station must be equipped with a cutting tool, which is prepared according to the customer’s needs of the specified working length, shape and spacing of the pins.
The station is characterized by quiet operation and ease of use. Replacing the perforating tool is a simple operation, it takes no more than 10 minutes for the trained operator to be trained with the margin set. To replace the tool, unscrew only the two screws on the side of the machines, and then eject the tool to the left. The machine has two modes of operation – the perforation can be switched on using the foot pedal or the sensor located in the countertop.

technical data
Max. length of perforation 700 mm
Max. cartridge thickness 4.0 mm
Drive Electric
power supply 380v
Power 2.2 kW
Performance 200-1,500 takts/h
Support 1 person
Width 980 mm
Length 800 mm
Height 1.560 mm
Weight 400 kg


Foot crimping machine for metal spirals

The device is used to close wire spirals with a stroke of 3:1 and 2:1.

Thanks to the suspension of the spool, the operator can very easily unwind and cut off the spiral, hang it on the comb and put it on a sperforated block.

The spiral is closed by pressing the foot on the pedal connected to the clamping beam. The smooth adjustment of the clamping beam travel allows the housing of spirals from 1/4″ to 5/4″ in diameter.

The maximum length of the framed block is 550mm.

* On request we supply semi-automatic and automatic spiralling devices from Rilecart

Fully automated lines for housing with metal spiral, lockable on the bar.

Company provides all the materials that are necessary to complete the calendar.